Welcome to Up To It, where tough conversations lead to stronger connections. We are Jamal and Zion Givens, a father-son duo dedicated to empowering families and communities by helping them navigate challenging conversations.

Jamal Givens brings over 20 years of experience in promoting mental health and preventing substance misuse. As the CEO of LPKNC, he’s seen firsthand the power of open and honest family conversations. (You can say he's been around the block... a few times, lol)

Zion Givens shares his father's passion for fostering meaningful connections. With his positive attitude and empathetic approach, Zion excels as a facilitator and presenter, especially in his work with teens through organizations like El Rio R.H.A.P, LPKNC, and notMYkid.

Our journey began with the realization of the unique beauty of our father-son relationship. We wanted to show that meaningful, impactful, and loving relationships with youth are possible and essential. Inspired by our experiences, we created Up To It Presentations to equip parents, guardians, grandparents, and trusted adults with the tools to navigate tough discussions and strengthen connections.

We offer engaging and interactive presentations for youth ages 12-21 and adults. Our main topic for youth is teen mental health. Additionally, we provide employee wellness presentations focused on mental health and parenting, aimed at fostering supportive and healthy work environments.

Our goal is to create a safe and supportive space where individuals and families can learn, grow, and ultimately create deeper connections with their loved ones. With our unique perspective and dynamic chemistry, we strive to make every presentation impactful and relatable.

Join us on this journey of growth and transformation. Let’s have those tough conversations and build stronger connections together.

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Teen Mental Health Presentation with Zion GREAT for Ages 11-21

This presentation is presented solely by Zion "Z" Givens. Titled "Am I Trippin" As a source of support, Z shares personal stories and practical insights to destigmatize teen mental health. The session not only explores the feeling of "Am I Trippin'?" but assures teens that they aren't alone in their struggles. Through open conversations, challenging societal norms, and fostering a supportive community, join us to break down barriers, promote acceptance, and embrace the path to mental well-being together. This presentation is a safe space for teens to connect, share, and discover that they're not alone on their journey toward mental health.

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Conversations that Connect Presentation With Jamal and Zion

Discover the transformative power of open communication with our "Conversations That Connect" workshop. Led by the dynamic father-son duo, Jamal and Zion Givens, this comprehensive personal and professional development program is meticulously designed to empower parents and trusted adults. Through engaging sessions, participants gain practical tools and strategies to navigate difficult conversations, strengthen family bonds, and foster a more supportive workplace environment. With a tailored approach to address your team's unique needs, our workshop offers insights, real-life examples, and actionable steps for building lasting connections. Invest in your team's well-being and productivity today by booking our "Conversations That Connect" workshop.

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The Best of Season 1

Meet Your Host Jamal & Zion| Up To It Podcast

Meet Your Host Jamal & Zion| Up To It Podcast

Meet Your Host Jamal & Zion | Up To It Podcast In this episode, Jamal and Zion explore the power of change and transitions. As a father and son duo, they discuss their individual experiences and how the changes in their lives have shaped them. With an open and honest dialogue, Jamal and Zion share what it means to face and embrace the ever-evolving nature of life. It's a candid look at two people who understand the importance of growth and how to support each other as they navigate the changes.

Whats the hype with Toxic Relationships?!| Up To It Podcast

Whats the hype with Toxic Relationships?!| Up To It Podcast

Whats the hype with Toxic Relationships?!//Up To It Podcast

In episode 3 of the podcast titled "What's the hype with Toxic Relationships?!", hosts Zion and Jamal dive into the topic of toxic relationships and why they seem to be normalized in society. They discuss how social media and pop culture play a role in perpetuating unhealthy relationship dynamics and how people often stay in toxic relationships due to societal pressures or fear of being alone. The hosts also explore how toxic masculinity contributes to the problem and how young men need to change the narrative by rejecting harmful stereotypes and behaviors. They encourage listeners to prioritize their mental and emotional health and to seek help if they find themselves in a toxic relationship. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the complex issue of toxic relationships in today's society.

Building Trust with Youth: 5 Ways to Become a Trusted Adult | Up To It Podcast

Building Trust with Youth: 5 Ways to Become a Trusted Adult | Up To It Podcast

Building Trust with Youth: 5 Ways to Become a Trusted Adult | Up to It Podcast 

The Up to It podcast, hosted by father and son duo Jamal and Zion, offers practical advice and insights for adults seeking to build stronger relationships with young people. In this episode, they share 5 valuable ways to become trusted and involved in the lives of youth, drawing from their own experiences. They discuss building trust, effective communication, and providing guidance and support. They also explore the challenges and opportunities of being a trusted adult and reflect on their own relationship. Whether you're a parent, teacher, mentor, or simply care about young people, this episode provides strategies for making meaningful connections and positively impacting their lives. Tune in now to discover the 5 ways to become a trusted adult in a youth's life

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Share with us what you may be going through with your youth or even with your parent or gaurdian we would love to be able to help and share resources with you.

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